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Female Civil War Nurses: I - P

Female Civil War Nurses: I - P

This page is under construction! Please check back frequently!

Over time, I will be adding more names and biographies to the list of women below. If you would like to learn more about a nurse who has no biography listed at the present time, please contact me and I will be sure to add it soon!

  • Martha Jennison (North)

  • Caroline Johnson (North)

  • Estelle Johnson

  • Clarissa Jones (North)

  • Lucy Kaiser (North)

  • Louisa Kamp (North)

  • Mary Knowles (North)

  • Alice Leedom (North)

  • Mary Ashton Rice Livermore (North) * New Information Page!

  • Mary Loomis (North)

  • Elizabeth Lucas (North)

  • Margaret Mackey (North)

  • Ellen Marsh (North)

  • Elvira Mason (North)

  • Sophia McClelland (North)

  • Cornelia McDonald (North)

  • Rena Miner (North)

  • Hannah Moir (North)

  • Mary Moore (North)

  • Janette Morrill (North)

  • Matilda Morris (North)

  • Mary Newcomb (North)

  • Ella King Newsom (South)

  • Elizabeth Nichols (North)

  • Sister Mary Anthony O'Connell (North)

  • Mary Phinney Olnhausen (North) * New Information Page!

  • Ella Palmer (South)

  • Hannah Palmer (North)

  • Emily Elizabeth Parsons (North)

  • Phoebe Yeates Levy Pember (South) * New Information Page!

  • Mary Perkins (North)

  • Adeliza Perry (North)

  • Rebecca Pomeroy (North)

  • Eliza Emily Chappell Porter (North)

  • Mary Pringle (North)

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