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Female Civil War Nurses: Q - S

Female Civil War Nurses: Q - S

This page is under construction! Please check back frequently!

Over time, I will be adding more names and biographies to the list of women below. If you would like to learn more about a nurse who has no biography listed at the present time, please contact me and I will be sure to add it soon!

  • Mother Ransom

  • Pamela Reid (North)

  • Rachel Harris Reid (North)

  • Arabella L.M. Reynolds (North)

  • Selener Richards (North)

  • Fanny Ricketts (North)

  • Alice Cary Risley

  • Hannah Chandler Ropes (North)

  • Lennie Rusell (North)

  • Mary Jane Safford (North)

  • Princess Agnes Elizabeth Winona Leclerg Jay Salm-Salm

  • Ann Maria Schram (North)

  • Harriet Scott (North)

  • Letitia Tyler Semple (South)

  • Hannah Sheppard (North)

  • Emma Simonds (North)

  • Ruth Sinnotte (North)

  • Adelaide W. Smith (North)

  • Helen Smith (North)

  • Emily Bliss Souder (North)

  • Sarah Sprague (North)

  • Adelaide Spurgeon (North)

  • Hannah Judkins Starbird (North)

  • Mary Stinebaugh (North)

  • Fanny Stockbridge (North)

  • Vesta Swarts (North)

  • Jane Grey Swisshelm (North)

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